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I am sad to announce that Kelly is no longer giving pitching instruction at BMP. Kelly's mother Billie took a new job in Houston, TX and Kelly moved with her mother to the Houston area. Kelly is working on her masters degree in Sports Management through an on-line program at Georgetown University which will be complete in August of 2018. She then hopes to pursue the career she has been studying for the past 5 years. Kelly is a fantastic instructor and I know there are a number of you who will miss her, no more than myself. I have worked with Kelly since she was 13 years old. I have always been impressed with her drive and determination to be the best and I am sure this will carry through to her profession. I'll miss her expertise and her sense of humor. We have had a lot of fun working with all of you. I also will miss the look on the faces of the pitchers and families when Kelly demos her pitches, especially her fastball (this year hit 70 mph again, last week 69 mph). I wish Kelly and her mother the very best for a happy and prosperous future!!
Coach Mansur

Letter From Kelly.
Hello to all my pitchers and families! As some of you may or may not know, career opportunity will be taking me away from the state of Wisconsin and to the lowdown state of Texas. It is with a heavy heart that I must leave you all but just remember that I am only a text, call, or email away. I have enjoyed the last few years I have gotten to know and work with all of you. Coach Bill and I have worked out a plan that if any of you feel that you need my help or if there is something that he needs my help seeing, that he will take video and I will send my feedback as soon as I possibly can. This will keep me up-to-date and involved in the progress of everyone. I expect that if any of you are near Houston, TX, that you will reach out and let me show you around the great southern area that will be my new home. I am not sure how I will survive the heat but it won't be too bad living an hour away from the beach. If any of you would like to see me before I head out, my current move date is August 28. For those of you who I will not get to see, good luck and continue to work hard!
With love,
Kelly Franks

Kelly Franks started working with Bill Mansur when she was 13 years old.
Kelly always had a fast arm, but had to work very hard to perfect her balance, drive and arm circle.

Kelly went on to pitch for SPASH (Stevens Point Area High) and helped lead them to two, division one, state championships.
She earned a four year scholarship at St. Cloud State and was their primary pitcher for all four years.

Kelly had been helping Bill instruct groups during her college summer breaks and after graduating has been a year round instructor.

Kelly consistently throws in upper 60 mphs and has been know to light up our radar cubes at 70 once in a while.
Kelly excels at teaching pitchers how to drive off the mound with power. She also specializes in teaching how to throw a screwball and riseball.  


To see Video and details of KELLY's trip to the Netherlands click here



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