For lessons at Bill's facility a pitcher needs:

  1. Their glove.
  2. Indoor tennis shoes or turf shoes (no metal, plastic or rubber spikes/cleats).
  3. Water or sports drink.

BMP provides all softballs (11" and 12" softballs available.)  
At other facilities
The student or league will provide softballs and gloves.
The student should use the same size softball they use in league.



A parent or guardian must be present at all times.
Parents are welcome to participate, so they may continue the instruction techniques.
(This applies to individuals, small groups and large clinics.)
The instruction lesson is both for pitchers, their parents and coaches.


Bill's facility has pitching targets so catchers are not necessary, but can be used. For lessons at other facilities You must provide either:
pitching targets with back stops
your own catchers.
All youth catchers should have the proper league catching equipment.
Tips on catching will be provided as time permits.


If not at Bill's facility,
We will determine an appropriate site to be used.
Individual lessons and group lessons are at the BMP facilities only.
If you are renting or providing an indoor facility, care must be taked that no damage to the building occurs.
Bill will not be liable for damage to any building or facility.


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